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Terms and Conditions 销售条款

SINOPOWER Holding (Hong Kong) Co. Lted (hereinafter referred to as “SINOPOWER”) offers you, the customer who uses SINOPOWER’s  products and services following Limited Product Quality Warranty (hereinafter referred to as the “WARRANTY”)activated from the date of project handover thereof as contractually prescribed.


Module/Solar Panel(組件/太陽能電池板)    : 10 YEAR (refer to supplier’s warranty 按照廠家的質保承諾執行)

Inverter (逆變器)                                           : 5 YEAR (refer to supplier’s warranty 按照廠家的質保承諾執行)

Mounting Structure(支架結構)                     : 5 YEAR

The WARRANTY stipulates the following:


In the event that, within the WARRANTY period, a SINOPOWER product manifests a defect in material or workmanship, SINOPOWER will repair or replace at its sole discretion upon receiving the notification expressly describing details of the pertinent defect from the user and upon confirmation by SINOPOWER or its representatives. Whereas repair or replacement of a defective product or part is not attainable within an agreed timeframe, SINOPOWER may substitute with a matching product or part. Expenses thus incurred on material, logistics and direct labor will be borne by SINOPOWER.

However, SINOPOWER will NOT be held liable in the following events:



Customers are required to strictly follow the Installation Manual provided by SINOPOWER. Claims are not covered under the WARRANTY for damage as a result of any product malfunction due to customer’s improper installation or operation.


Damage to the surface may incur during installation process, which impairs corrosion-resistance of the product. Customer is required, immediately after installation, to perform restorative protection on damaged surface inflicted during the installation.  Damage, as a result of product malfunction or rust due to failure of immediate care and repair, is NOT covered under the WARRANTY.


It is the sole responsibility of the customer to inform SINOPOWER upon completion and acceptance of the project in a timely manner. Upon receiving SINOPOWER’s Routine Inspection Certification (RIC), the customer is required, within 30 days from date of RIC, to register at SOM, SINOPOWER’s operation & maintenance webpage (URL:www.SINOPOWERsolar.com.hk/register). Failure to register at all or register within the valid period shall be deemed as waiver of the WARRANTY by the customer.


The customer is required to follow SINOPOWER’s Maintenance Manual to conduct regular maintenance and to upload service logs to SOM, SINOPOWER’s operation & maintenance webpage as specified in 1.3.

Failure in conducting the regular maintenance that result in product malfunction, or failure in uploading the service log within 7 days after the RIN         (SINOPOWER Routine Inspection Notice) has been sent shall be deemed as waiver of the WARRANTY by the customer.


During the WARRANTY period, the customer should notify SINOPOWER in writing of any product malfunction within SEVEN (7) days from its occurrence. Concurrently, the customer should proactively take any appropriate measure to prevent such malfunction from being escalated, which will allow SINOPOWER the opportunity to initiating investigation and finding solutions. Failure or lack in taking such preventive measures may, at the discretion of SINOPOWER based on circumstances, result in reservation or withdrawn of the WARRANTY.

However, as agreed with the customer, solution offered in the forthcoming Article 7 can be cited.



The WARRANTY does NOT cover defect or quality issue of mounting structures as a result of any kind of surface treatment alteration unauthorized by SINOPOWER on any product whether it has or has not been anodic oxidation treated or galvanized.


SINOPOWER offers project design in full accordance with project conditions furnished by the customer including but not limited to parameters of load bearing capacity, operating climate conditions, and geological research data. In the event where a structural safety issue arises due to a defect in design committed by SINOPOWER,  SINOPOWER will provide a contingency plan and redress design defect for restoration.


However, the WARRANTY does NOT cover structural safety defects as a result of any of the following circumstances:


Project conditions furnished by the customer are of mistake.


The data provided by the customer fail to meet the design parameters required and prescribed by SINOPOWER


The operating environment falls out of the design conditions.


The project design is not offered by SINOPOWER.


The modification on design is made without SINOPOWER’s written consent.


The WARRANTY warrants quality issues on SINOPOWER products ONLY; quality issues as a result of any substitutes are not covered under the WARRANTY.


The WARRANTY does NOT warrant quality compliance to any other technical standards or requirements which has not been included in the technical instruments stipulated in the contract.


It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure the setup of the product complies to all of government regulations related to building structure and building safety, including the sitting place of the product, the attachment of the products (if any) to or not to the building.

客戶有責任確保產品的安裝符合政府對建築物結構和建築物安全的相關規定, 這包括產品的擺放位置, 和任何附帶的和建築物的連接裝置。

The WARRANTY does NOT cover loss or damage incurred under the Act of God, which includes fire, drought, floods, storms, snowstorms, earthquakes, tsunamis, thunders and lightning, landslides, and any other natural disasters, traffic accidents, strikes by majority of the employees, regardless if SINOPOWER or its representatives has/have already been notified of any possibility of damage therein resulted.


In the event that a claim falls out of the WARRANTY coverage, SINOPOWER will offer the customer the required part and component as well as suitable plan for restoration at a cost. The customer may contact SINOPOWER’s designated representatives for further information. 


Any claim under the WARRANTY shall be made in writing and submitted to SINOPOWER in any of the following manners:


-Registered Mail or Courier Service to:


-Unit 17-18,23/F,Metropole Square 2 On Yiu Street Shatin New Terrotories, Hong Kong

-EMAIL to info@SINOPOWERsolar.com.hk